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I’ve been through many challenges in my life, fought many battles, gained knowledge and experience. I still am on my journey of self discovery I have future problems to face, people to meet, divisions to make. I still have yet to reach the final tier of my evolutionanry chain, but when I do world you better be ready because this little charmander has become a charmeleon, and she’s ready to prove that she’ll be the biggest baddest charizard around.

Okay guys so here’s the thing. I am going to start making and selling my CUSTOM bleach shirts to help fund something very special and important. My friend steph has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and is really in need of some funding to travel to Texas Childrens in Houston for a four week trial to participate and potentially save her life. PLEASE HELP OUT AND LOOK GOOD WHILE DOING IT! MESSAGE ME THE DESIGN/SIZE/STYLE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO MAKE THE STENCIL AND HAVE IT READY AND DONE WITH IN A DAY. $5 TANK TOPS, $7 T-SHIRTS, OR JUST DONATE @Β

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